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About RunMonkey
RunMonkey has been designed to provide runners of all standards and goals with a central database of running related websites and information.

The RunMonkey team has begun work on the database, searching out and reviewing the sites listed in the database at the launch of RunMonkey. The team will continue to add new sites as a result of regular searches of the Internet. RunMonkey will also rely on the input of visitors to this site to suggest links they wish to share with the rest of the running community. Sites are submitted free of charge via the Submission Form and, after a visit by one of the RunMonkey Team, entered into the site database.

RunMonkey is here to serve the running community and will require the assistance of that community to ensure that the most relevant sites are included in the site database. Together we can build a comprehensive running related website database/directory.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this site then please contact us. The site is in its infancy so your input will help it evolve in the best way to suit all your needs.

  • Sites are listed on RunMonkey free of charge!
  • You don't have to link back to us, but if you do, 'Thank You!'.
  • Suggest your favourite running sites or preferred gear manufacturer.
  • If you have your own website, let us know, get it listed.
  • If your running club is not listed, fill in the submission form now!
  • If you want to suggest new categories for the site, let us know.
  • If you find a broken link, please tell us:
  • A listing on this site does not indicate recommendation of that site/company by RunMonkey.
  • RunMonkey is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.
  • If you like RunMonkey tell your friends, if you don't like RunMonkey tell us

Comments & Suggestions

If there's something you dislike about RunMonkey or you have a suggestion to improve the site, please submit it to us. Either email us directly or use the 'Submit A Comment' link at the top of the 'Feature' pages.

As always, the email address to use is:

The copyright of all images and text on this website is solely owned by RunMonkey. If you have any queries relating to copyright issues, please contact us.
If you wish to advertise on RunMonkey, please contact us. Category pages can be sponsored by suppliers or manufacturers.


Mail Alert
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Complete the form on the homepage to subscribe to the free email alert. Get an email when new sites are added or RM gets new content.

Rest assured that your details will not be passed on to third parties.

If you decided that you wish to unsubscribe, please send an email to:

Please included the word 'Unsubscribe' in the subject line and we'll delete your email address from our list.
We're building the RunMonkey database up through our manual searching of the Internet. We don't use spiders or automated systems, we visit each site listed in the database!

As the database grows, we aim to include a search function and additional categories but until then we'll stick with the current format. Keep submitting your favourite sites and suggesting additional categories.

The online RunMonkey Store is coming soon! We're currently reviewing the content so before long you'll be able to spread the word and wear quality RM clothing.
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'In the jungle, no one can see you run!'


Previous 'What's New' Items
The following lists the previous RunMonkey news items, archived from the What's New section on the homepage.
17th July 2004 - 'Running Diary' receives a Bronze award. See the Popular Sites page.
31st May 2004 - 30 new sites added.
5th May 2004 - Two more sites receive Bronze Awards! See the Popular Sites page.
2nd May 2004 - Popular Sites page is added as two sites reach the trigger levels for Bronze Awards.
6th April 2004 - BBC Sport headlines added to Features page.
3rd March 2004 - Please complete our survey!
15th February 2004 - Site updated.
13th July 2003 - RM Features pages added.
30th May 2003 - 'Submit A Site' now functional!
May 2003 - Site Launched


Link To RunMonkey

Help us to help you! Linking to RunMonkey will help the sites listed in the RunMonkey directory get more traffic. You do not have to link back to us to get listed in the RunMonkey directory but adding a link will increase awareness of the online running community and help flow traffic between the sites.

Link to us using the URL:

If you want to use our graphic, please link using the following image. Copy the image to your site or copy and paste the HTML code below and you won't have to store the image on your site:

RunMonkey - Running Through The Cyber Jungle

Copy this image or just paste the HTML on the right into your website code.

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