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Welcome to the RM Review page. Here you'll find mini reviews of websites from within the RM database which we have particularly enjoyed or sites which sell gear which we feel deserve your attention!

These reviews will added here as and when we stumble across sites that interest us.

© Science In Sport

Science In Sport -
With any sport, being properly hydrated is essential for peak performance. This is where SIS steps in with its range of sports fuel.

Undoubtedly one of the "leaders in sports nutrition", SIS products range from energy drinks and gels to high-tech supplements.

Energy drinks can be bought ready-to-drink or in powder form - simply add water to the latter.

Whether you want a carbohydrate drink to keep you going or a re-energising fuel to aid recovery after exercise, the SIS range can satisfy.

Looking for a snack for those longer runs? Try 'Go Bars'. Our favourite is the Cherry & Vanilla variety.

- RM, 2nd May 2004


Cyberglow -
After running for months after dark, have you ever thought that the thin strip of reflective material on your jacket or running shoes is a little insufficient?

Make yourself really stand out after dark with Cyberglow products.

Iron-on or sticky reflective strips and shapes easily fix to your running gear, supplementing the reflective material usually fitted on running clothing. We particularly like the large 'Runner' logos - stick one of these on your back and you can't fail to be noticed.

Cyberglow's products are low-cost but high quality and they ship your order for next day delivery (in the UK).

In future, as soon as we buy new running clothing, we'll be stopping by the Cyberglow website to order some more reflective material!

- RM, 2nd May 2004

© RoadID

RoadID -
So, you've been running alone for years. Just you, your thoughts and the open road. Mile after mile of euphoric exercise blissfully pass by. Then the unthinkable happens and you're involved in an accident.

If, like me, you run light then you won't be carrying anything more than the clothes you're wearing and a hefty chunk of determination to beat your personal best. How then do the emergency services know who you are and who to contact?

This is where RoadID comes into play. Around your neck, on your shoe or around your wrist or ankle, your trusty RoadID tag details your name, medical details and emergency contact numbers, ensuring that you're identified quickly and potential delays and medical complications avoided.

We ordered 'The Shoe' ID tag via the RoadID website and a week later it arrived in the UK packed in its neat cardboard envelope. The shiny metal plate, perfectly laser-etched with the details we requested, fits securely over the bottom three loops of your shoe laces with a strip of Velcro. When we say 'securely' we do mean securely! - there's no way this little blighter is going to come off during a run.

The beauty of the 'The Shoe' ID tag is that you can leave it permanently on your shoe so you don't have to remember to take identification out with you on a run.

Simply putting your shoe on, with your RoadID attached, could one day save your life.

- RM, 12th July 2003


©2003 - 2004